DSL is a technology that offers a high-speed secure connection to the Internet. DSL uses the current copper infrastructure and modems to transmit data at much greater speeds than traditional dial-up connections. DSL provides you with the speed to obtain instantaneous data transmissions without the high costs associated with other technologies.

  • DSL provides you with constant connection. This means that you will never have to unnecessarily tie up the phone line
  • Less time waiting allows for more time to work
  • A flat rate allows you to use the service no matter when or how often without concern


Cynnex aDSL provides smaller businesses with an ultra fast connection to the Internet with download speeds up to 6 mbps.

aDSL Services Download Speed Upload Speed
1.5 Biz 1.5 768
3.0 Biz 3.0 384
3.0 Biz Plus 3.0 768
6.0 Biz Plus 6.0 768


Affordable sDSL delivers a powerful T1 alternative connection. sDSL is ideal for organizations with more robust needs and for companies that need dependable Internet access at a guaranteed speed rate. With sDSL, data can be downloaded and uploaded at the same speed. This allows businesses who upload files, send email attachments, or run servers to achieve greater productivity.

  • Nationwide ATM Network
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated Business Account Manager
  • Up-to-the-minute installation status
  • Up to 256 public IP addresses
  • Primary & Secondary DNS services
sDSL Services Up/Down Speed
sDSL 144 144 kbps
sDSL 192 192 kbps
sDSL 384 384 kbps
sDSL 768 768 kbps
sDSL 1.1 1.1 Mbps
sDSL 1.5 1.5 Mbps