Covad Cynnex's innovative business-class IP Telephony service can help transform your company's communications, with highly advanced connectivity and lower communication costs. Cynnex offers solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that can run on either a voice-optimized nationwide broadband network through Covad or a premise-based solution we customize to meet your needs.

Why IP Telephony?

  • Slash communication costs by up to 40% on your total cost of ownership
  • Reduce IT and telecom support hassles with the freedom to manage extensions whenever necessary
  • Improve employee productivity using advanced calling features and online tools
  • Integrate your voice and data services on a single line with a single bill

Explore the Covad Dashboard - online demo of the award-winning web-based user interface

IP Telephony Features & Benefits

  • Integrate with existing PBX system or implement as a standalone alternative
  • Converge voice and data traffic onto a single network
  • Seamlessly make telephone calls and conferences using an existing computer network
  • Utilize tools to simplify communication, including FindMe Now and FollowMe Now

Cisco Powered Network

Cisco PoweredBecause our service has the Cisco Powered Network designation, our customers enjoy the benefits that Cisco equipment and technology have brought to the majority of the world's business networks. That means unsurpassed reliability, scalability and overall performance.